The tryptophan is in full effect and my brain is slowly shutting down.  We had a wonderful day with our families, and we have so much to be thankful for.  Tommy was grateful for his Thanksgiving ducky clan that provided hours of entertainment during our lunch.

Our table of 9 + two toddlers was a war zone.

After lunch we headed over to my grandmothers house to enjoy some late afternoon fun.  Tommy and Julia loved sitting in her little chairs!


After a long day, we had a pretty sleepy little turkey.

Tommy is just as excited about Black Friday shopping as I am.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Gobble, Gobble!

Sic’ Em

Ok, ok, ok … after 110 years the ole’ Baylor Bears did it.  They beat my beloved Sooners, and Rob and Tommy were equally elated.

I was just sick of hearing about it!

That afternoon I was doing my usual trash talk with my husband before, what is usually, a nice little warm up game for us. Then the game starts, and the Sooners didn’t look so hot. Throughout the entire game while Rob was doing his happy dance, I stood strong, quiet, and focused.  I knew there was NO WAY we would be beat!

Here’s to next year’s massacre, Rob.  Enjoy it while it lasts my sweet bear.  Ohhh it’s on!


Apparently the sun didn’t want to wake up this morning.  The grey just wouldn’t go away and sure did make for a sleepy kind of day.  After Tommy went down for his nap I feverishly finished a project in his playroom that left the entire house with a very strong smell (details and pics in the days ahead) so we spent all afternoon outside of the house.  The gloomy weather sure didn’t get this boy down.

My little Harry Potter, he was hoping and wishing the pups would fly.

But to no avail…

We have a very fun weekend to look forward to including two birthday parties, an attempt at Christmas pictures, and much more!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! TGIF!

Dear Tommy:

Hello sweet love!  My oh my how you are growing up right before our eyes.  It’s November 2011 and you are 17 months old; and yes, I am still madly, deeply in love with you.

Some highlights over the past several months:

  • You love to count, starting with the number 4, 5, 6, 8, and you love to draw out your words fooouuurr, fiiivvveee.
  • When we say, “You want to go outside Tommy?” You bolt to the door and you mean business.  You love to be outside.
  • You love your three train toys from Thomas & Friends and you can call them each by name, “Mas” “Percy” and “Salty”
  • You love the dogs and laugh hysterically when they eat your bubbles from the bubble machine.
  • English is your second language, my little Spanish flame.  You say most of your words in Espanol and I LOVE it.  You can say agua, Ojo, pelo, and boca; but you respond to cabeza, nariz, oyido, y afuera por que Binda habla solamente in Espanol.
  • You like sticks, mama hates sticks…we are working on this.

  • You wear a size 6 1/2 shoe and 3T clothes (for the most part).
  • You love to read.  Mama reads you about 3-4 books before bed and every other second throughout the day.
  • And that hair…can we just take a minute to talk about your hair…It is absolutely curly and magical and it’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get!  I have yet to cut your hair and will definitely shed a tear when the day comes.

  • Oh, and Tommy, you definitely know when and how to get our attention.  Your dada and I have witnessed (on numerous occasions) you cry as though the world is coming to an end and then miraculously laugh hysterically when you get your way.  It’s pretty remarkable and we’re working on it.  You’ve got skills I’ve never seen.

I love you, you little nut!


Stomach Bug

Germaphobes beware!

I’m writing to you from inside the quarantined facility that is the Gish house.  I don’t know who dubbed this phrase “The Stomach Bug” but let me tell you…this is no bug…this is WAR!  Late Saturday afternoon we noticed poor Tommy was not feeling great.  On Sunday morning we met our good friend that would continue to haunt us for the next 72 hours.

By Sunday afternoon I sat down feeling lightheaded and BAM, a short 15 minutes later I was down for the count.  By Monday at noon, third man down, Rob came home from work, miserable and we were all toast!

This has been our only ally throughout this entire process.

Let me warn you people…WASH YOUR HANDS!  I’m not quite sure why the entire country is not on high alert because this virus is moving through our communities at a fast and furious pace and I’m sure we are not the only ones blessed with this bug.  After a billion loads of laundry and lots of Lysol we have bounced back.  Rob and I were both back at work today and, although a little tired, back to normal.  I do not wish this on my worst enemy.

This bodacious bug is on the hunt.  More pleasant blogs to come in the days ahead…just had to warn you all!  Stay well 🙂