Dear Tommy:

Hello sweet love!  My oh my how you are growing up right before our eyes.  It’s November 2011 and you are 17 months old; and yes, I am still madly, deeply in love with you.

Some highlights over the past several months:

  • You love to count, starting with the number 4, 5, 6, 8, and you love to draw out your words fooouuurr, fiiivvveee.
  • When we say, “You want to go outside Tommy?” You bolt to the door and you mean business.  You love to be outside.
  • You love your three train toys from Thomas & Friends and you can call them each by name, “Mas” “Percy” and “Salty”
  • You love the dogs and laugh hysterically when they eat your bubbles from the bubble machine.
  • English is your second language, my little Spanish flame.  You say most of your words in Espanol and I LOVE it.  You can say agua, Ojo, pelo, and boca; but you respond to cabeza, nariz, oyido, y afuera por que Binda habla solamente in Espanol.
  • You like sticks, mama hates sticks…we are working on this.

  • You wear a size 6 1/2 shoe and 3T clothes (for the most part).
  • You love to read.  Mama reads you about 3-4 books before bed and every other second throughout the day.
  • And that hair…can we just take a minute to talk about your hair…It is absolutely curly and magical and it’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get!  I have yet to cut your hair and will definitely shed a tear when the day comes.

  • Oh, and Tommy, you definitely know when and how to get our attention.  Your dada and I have witnessed (on numerous occasions) you cry as though the world is coming to an end and then miraculously laugh hysterically when you get your way.  It’s pretty remarkable and we’re working on it.  You’ve got skills I’ve never seen.

I love you, you little nut!


2 thoughts on “Dear Tommy:

  1. Love that little man! He must have gotten huge since we saw him in May. Caden is still in 18 month clothing. We are about to move him to 2T, but that’s just because he is so tall….his 18-months are still taken in at the waste. Mine’s a little string bean. The boys must meet one of these days!

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