Baby Steps

We are in a whirlwind of transition around here. Tommy and I visited our soon-to-be school and played with our 4 new classmates for a while.  I dashed out for maybe 45 seconds.  Tommy no likey!

But we’re taking baby steps.  We’ll go back next week, spend a little more time with our friends and then leave.  We’re just warming up. 🙂 Happy Friday everyone!


The Giggles

You know that moment when you turn your head for just a second…and you’re not looking…and then out of no where you hear those little belly laughs that just melt your heart?

We’re not exactly sure of the culprit…but something or someone was pretty damn funny.

These two just adore each other…at least for now.

If you haven’t had your laugh for the day, hopefully this will give you a giggle.

New Heights

This weekend took us to new heights!  We discovered the slide and decided we liked it.

Tommy had a hair-raising good time. Work that fro Mr. T!

Julia made some new friends.  They loved her so much she couldn’t contain her excitement.  And then the goose bit her.  And then we left.


You Be The Judge

As Tommy has grown older I have debated with Rob day in and day out that I believe he looks so much more like I did as a child than Rob.  After much debate we decided to let you be the judge.  I was feeling pretty confident for a long time until Rob pulled these pics out of the vualt…may the best parent win, Rob.  Let the games begin.

Mama (above)


Dada (above)