Apparently the sun didn’t want to wake up this morning.  The grey just wouldn’t go away and sure did make for a sleepy kind of day.  After Tommy went down for his nap I feverishly finished a project in his playroom that left the entire house with a very strong smell (details and pics in the days ahead) so we spent all afternoon outside of the house.  The gloomy weather sure didn’t get this boy down.

My little Harry Potter, he was hoping and wishing the pups would fly.

But to no avail…

We have a very fun weekend to look forward to including two birthday parties, an attempt at Christmas pictures, and much more!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! TGIF!

One thought on “Grey

  1. Young Jedi, I love your blog!! Miss you so much. You have such an adorable family and it makes me very happy that your life is filled with such joy. Tommy is PRECIOUS! But then you know that already….so glad you are all feeling better! Love Always, Your Yoda

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