Stomach Bug

Germaphobes beware!

I’m writing to you from inside the quarantined facility that is the Gish house.  I don’t know who dubbed this phrase “The Stomach Bug” but let me tell you…this is no bug…this is WAR!  Late Saturday afternoon we noticed poor Tommy was not feeling great.  On Sunday morning we met our good friend that would continue to haunt us for the next 72 hours.

By Sunday afternoon I sat down feeling lightheaded and BAM, a short 15 minutes later I was down for the count.  By Monday at noon, third man down, Rob came home from work, miserable and we were all toast!

This has been our only ally throughout this entire process.

Let me warn you people…WASH YOUR HANDS!  I’m not quite sure why the entire country is not on high alert because this virus is moving through our communities at a fast and furious pace and I’m sure we are not the only ones blessed with this bug.  After a billion loads of laundry and lots of Lysol we have bounced back.  Rob and I were both back at work today and, although a little tired, back to normal.  I do not wish this on my worst enemy.

This bodacious bug is on the hunt.  More pleasant blogs to come in the days ahead…just had to warn you all!  Stay well 🙂

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