CandTblueCbluekissTblueCblue3Cblue2Cblue4Greetings from South Texas! Yesterday I made an attempt to take Bluebonnets pictures with the kids. Tommy nailed it and Claire was over it. There were beautiful Bluebonnets as far as the eye could see, but all Claire was interested in was the rock on the ground in front of her. As she was growing more and more impatient I noticed Tommy quickly pulling Bluebonnets out of the ground and he handed her a bouquet of flowers to ‘make her feel better’.  Tommy your heart is so full of love and you are patient beyond belief. Claire…you are busy and crazy and nutty and just hilarious.

Happy Howdyween!

IMG_8854IMG_8842IMG_8868Happy Howdyween from our little farmer and his prized watermelon! Claire loved her costume and was all smiles for our little photo shoot (thank God). Tommy was a perfect little farmer and had a great time trick or treating with a mama and a few of his friends. It was a wonderful day filled with good friends and absolutely beautiful fall Texas weather.

Keeping It Simple

IMG_8771Today I’m over at Alamo City Moms Blog talking about Tommy’s first birthday and the crazy things we will do to celebrate our firstborns! Let’s just say Claire’s party was the complete opposite and it was perfect. You can read my post here. Enjoy!