My dad said something to me today that I must always remember. We were looking at a picture of Tommy and Julia from just one year ago and were in awe at the distinct difference just one year has made.  My dad said, “Christin, in the blink of an eye you will look up, they’ll be 18 or 19 heading off to college, they’ll walk out there door and then they’re gone! You only have your children for just a second so treasure every moment.”  His words couldn’t be more true. Cue the photo shoot…

More than likely I am always the one behind the camera when the memories are happening; and very seldom is there a photo taken with just Mommy & Tommy.  Thus, I thought it would be a good idea to have a little photo shoot with my love which we then presented to Rob for his birthday.  It was a perfect little surprise.

I treasure the photos I have, individually, with each of my parents and I hope to do a photo shoot like this with each of my children one day so that they too can have similar photos to enjoy.

It was a special morning with just the two of us and a wonderful friend/amazing photographer Anna Korn of Real Life Photographs. Sadly, Anna is moving to Colorado in two weeks but if your in the market for a quick photographer she’s still taking clients!  The best part is that she must return to San Antonio because her family is here so…HA!  This will definitely not be the last time you see her on my blog!

Anna’s energy with children is infections and oh so easy going!  And her laugh…let me just tell you, she can make a child laugh with her laugh alone.  A photo shoot with a toddler is no easy task and she makes it look effortless!  She is my soul sister when it comes to vibrant colors and creative shots…can you tell?

Tommy I hope you treasure these photos one day as much as I do.  You were a perfect little model and we sure did have some fun along the way. I love you, my silly little muffin.