Oh Tommy.  You are such a busy bee!

We traveled to Rockport, TX for Labor Day weekend and within the first couple of hours of our trip I captured (I’m biased I guess) some of the cutest pictures of the happiest little boy on the block.  He is very busy these days.  Not walking on his own quite yet but sooooo close.  I’m not complaining ONE bit.  I am going to take time and treasure these last few days and possibly weeks of carefully holding his hand when he walks.  Scrubbing his little knees in the bath after a long day of crawling over every inch of the house; and loving that I don’t have to constantly chase him everywhere.

So in the mean time I will just continue to love each little milestone sweet boy.  I love to stay busy with you.

Friday Fun!

I’m getting more and more comfortable with my new camera and I’m loving it! Last Friday Tommy and I had a ball chasing each other around the house.  We finally ended up behind our chair in our living room next to our back door.  It turned out to be a perfect spot for some great pictures.  The natural light was beautiful and I am madly in love with this little man.

New Camera = LOVE

I know NOTHING about cameras but over the past several months I have done a lot of research and asked a lot of questions and ultimately found my mate (Canon 60D). I knew I wanted to invest in a camera that would take beautiful images and more. Photography is such an art but I also know an amazing camera will certainly help me, the non photographer, to take a beautiful image without trying too hard. It is my goal to take an intro photography class in the next couple of months so that I can learn all of the many facets of my camera. I’ll leave the big pictures to the pros but will enjoy getting better and better every day. You’ll notice off the bat I started with the simple things…mainly those that didn’t move every five seconds. As I got more comfortable, Tommy and I had a ball. Luckily, I have an amazing model who works well with me for FREE and doesn’t complain too much. As long as I keep some goldfish and a passy nearby he’s good for hours! Enjoy my first few shots with my new camera!