A Father

They say anyone can be a dad but not everyone can be a father. Tommy, these words could not be more true and I know one day you and your future siblings will understand this as you experience the joys of raising children of your own. Aside from my own father, there are two fathers in particular that I want to especially honor today on Father’s Day.

IMG_1541The first is your grandfather, Grandpa Tommy, as we like to say. Although I never had the honor and privilege of meeting him, I thank God every single day for him. He may not have known it at the time, but throughout his lifetime Grandpa Tommy molded and shaped the most wonderful gift for us…your dada. Grandpa Tommy taught your father what true love really is.  He lived and demonstrated values in life that cannot be explained, but must be learned.  He taught your father how to lead his family through good times and not so good times. I believe he is still teaching and nurturing your father’s heart each and every day.  I know your dada would give anything to ask him some of those very important questions in life that only your dad can help you with; but I also know he bestowed in him a sense of strength and perseverance that even he cannot fully see or understand.

IMG_1526When you read this one day I want you to know that you have become the man you are because of the love and lessons from your father and your grandfathers.  You are your grandfather’s namesake and a part of him lives on in you.  Your father adores you.  He lives and breathes for you.  We are a product of our upbringing and we are molded and shaped by the people in our lives.  I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing and honorable man to call my husband, and to mold and shape you into the man you will become.  Your father is truly the most selfless, caring, hilarious, genuine, brilliant, and loving man that I know.  We are beyond blessed.

When you become a father it is the most important job you will ever have in your life. Your father will always love you and support you no matter what, just as his father did for him. Remember this always. Happy Father’s Day dada…you are our hero.


Little Joys

IMG_1527 IMG_1518

It’s been a very, very long time since my last post.  We’ve had lots of little joys and little moments I’m quietly treasuring and trying to relish in these last few months before bambino #2 arrives. We’ve celebrated a 3rd birthday, finished out the school year, and finally learned how to swim…very well I might add Mr. T!