Welcome Baby Tommy!

Rob and I began our morning on Friday, June 4th as we had every Friday prior for the past several weeks…PRAYING and HOPING that today would be the day my OB/GYN, Dr. Christina Simpson, would say, “OK…let’s go meet your baby boy today!” Please keep in mind I was SO HUGE and miserable and ready to meet him so very much that I could hardly wait.

I went into see the doctor for my weekly routine visit on Friday afternoon and she said I had not yet progressed enough to induce that day, so she scheduled me for an induction the following Friday, June 11, 2010. Little did we know that we would meet Mr. Tommy the next day! I remember eating sushi on Friday night and feeling very crummy and around 8:00 p.m. I started to have contraction pains that would not go away. From that point on it is a bit of a blur, but I went to the North Central Baptist Hospital at around 1:30 a.m. and they admitted me into Labor & Delivery at around 6:30 a.m. Saturday, June 5th. One little fun fact for you Tommy…your Mom requested an Epidural and felt GREAT at around 11:00 a.m. Later that afternoon around 3:00 p.m. (I will never forget this) your daddy was rubbing my leg and I suddenly realized…I can feel you do that! Then I asked him to touch my feet and I could feel everything! This was a bit terrifying considering I knew I was about to deliver, but we did it together. All I can remember is the moment I held you for the very first time and how happy I was to finally meet you.

Thomas Robert Gish III was born at 3:28 p.m. that afternoon and the rest is history. Here are some wonderful pics of that day and the days to follow. We love you Tommy!

Tommy’s Announcement & 3 Month Pictures

I started thinking about Tommy’s announcement the minute we designed his room color scheme, before he was even born. I knew I wanted to do an announcement that coordinated with his room colors – I just wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do it. We took photos of Tommy when he was a little over a month old and they were beautiful, but I basically didn’t act quickly and before I knew it – Tommy was growing SO fast and the photos didn’t truly depict how he looked at the time.

I really wanted his announcement to show what Tommy REALLY looked like and I think we did just that.

Here is a picture of his birth announcement. Tommy was about 3 months old. Below are some additional photos from his 3 month photo shoot taken by the always so fabulous Katie Clementson.

Tommy’s Nursery

Those of you who know me and Rob and who may have happened to come over to our house pre-pregnancy will remember that Tommy’s room was the only room in our house that was ALL GIRL! I had pink and light green and frills and, well, Tommy would NOT have liked it at all. So needless to say, I had quite a task ahead of me to create a space that was a little girly (because let’s be honest, the nursery is for mom – not baby) as well as peaceful. I wanted a nursery that Tommy could grow up in and that would transition well with him.

This is the view right when you enter the room. His crib is from Pottery Barn Kids, the Kendall Crib. I got all of my fabrics from a fabulous baby store in Austin called Baby Coco http://www.babycoco.com and I would HIGHLY recommend them if you are looking for your fabrics. They are wonderful people and worked very well with me every step of the way.

I had a very rough pregnancy. I was sick basically every day, with the exception of a couple of months; and then I just got so darn BIG that I was pretty miserable. My point is that the entire time I worked with Baby Coco they were so sweet! I didn’t have to wait long for my items to arrive at all.

This is the alternate view of the nursery. His bedding and rug is from Serena and Lily http://www.serenaandlily.com which I absolutely love and will definitely work with again. The colors/fabrics are a soft chambray blue, white minky, and khaki linen. The hutch in the center of the photo above is actually an old door and sides that I purchased at Off My Rocker (an antique store) in San Antonio. Originally, the door was painted pink, and when I found out I was having a boy I painted it blue.

The closet is my favorite part of Tommy’s room. These were old built-in closets that my dad, Rob and I gutted and made into a changing table. I absolutely love it because it was made to my height so when I change Tommy I don’t have to bend over, which sounds silly, but when you change your baby a bazillion times it makes a BIG difference! The back of the changing table is padded and draped with khaki fabric that I had monogrammed with his initials.

This is the only picture in Tommy’s room and it sure is special! This is Tommy’s grandfather, Tommy, or “Big T” as Rob and I like to say. His spirit is very much alive in our home and we look forward to sharing more photos and stories of his grandfather in the future. Although I never had the opportunity to meet him, I know Big T would have been so very proud of his little grandson. Rob and I believe he certainly had a hand in each and every bit of our little Tommy. We miss him dearly, but we know he has given us this precious gift of life.

So, I’m going to give blogging a try.

The is the lovely world of the Gish Family. My wonderful husband, Rob, and I welcomed our little boy, Tommy, into the world on Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 3:28 p.m. Our lives have been forever changed and he is the biggest blessing in the world. I’m going to start posting pics in order of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and beyond; but I figured you have to start somewhere so I would just begin and see where I go with it. This is the first picture I could find on my computer at the time, so we will start with this one, which I LOVE and I think it shows Tommy’s personality SO beautifully!

As you can see, he is a pretty happy baby!
These pictures were taken at 5 1/2 months at our dear friend’s ranch.

He LOVED the swing!!!

He met his new friend Sarah Anne Maddox, the beautiful daughter of Lesley Anne and Jordan Maddox. We had SO much fun. Mommy and daddy were a bit tired but we are getting more and more sleep each and every day!