I brush my teeth about 10 times a day…never had a cavity…sister is a dentist…should have been a dental hygienist…you get my drift.  So when my son refused to brush his teeth I thought the best way to tackle it would be a little bribery.

Mama: “Tommy open your mouth and show me your big dinosaur teeth and then I’ll give you a sticker!”

Tommy: “Yes mama!” (with the biggest open mouth you’ve ever seen)We’ve been brushing like a champion for weeks and now the only thing we refuse is a new sticker chart…so we just keep piling on the stickers.  Works for me.  WINNING!


I love me some ketchup.  So much so that I will literally ask you to pour more ketchup on my plate after each bite so that I might have a full circle of rich, red ketchup to dip from.

Mama doesn’t mind a bit.  As long as I’m eating…she’ll keep the ketchup comin! Yea…I love me some ketchup.




Mama: “Tommy look at mama and smile.”

Tommy: “Cheeeeese…(along with new face shown above).”

I thought it was just a one-time thing…nope. We kind of love to make this face now, and we think we are really funny.