Sic’ Em

Ok, ok, ok … after 110 years the ole’ Baylor Bears did it.  They beat my beloved Sooners, and Rob and Tommy were equally elated.

I was just sick of hearing about it!

That afternoon I was doing my usual trash talk with my husband before, what is usually, a nice little warm up game for us. Then the game starts, and the Sooners didn’t look so hot. Throughout the entire game while Rob was doing his happy dance, I stood strong, quiet, and focused.  I knew there was NO WAY we would be beat!

Here’s to next year’s massacre, Rob.  Enjoy it while it lasts my sweet bear.  Ohhh it’s on!

One thought on “Sic’ Em

  1. While I really enjoyed the post, pictures of Rob’s happy dance in his Baylor Bears onesie woulda really tied the whole thing together;) LOVE YA SQUISH!

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