inaIt was such a hard day of feeding therapy. So hard. Tommy was not engaged, he was tired, and he had shut down. On our way home he fell asleep in the car within seconds of leaving the STAR Center. I grabbed some food to go and pulled into our hotel parking lot and just sat in the car for about an hour while he slept. My mind was racing. I kept thinking about the day and how much work is ahead of us and it just got to me.

When Tommy woke up he was still exhausted but glad to be home. I walked him in the room and then quickly left to go grab a package at the front desk. When I came back Tommy was in the other room hysterical, crying and Marijane and I couldn’t understand why and couldn’t get him to calm down. He only wanted to be held so I grabbed the package and sat with him on the bed hoping that the distraction would calm him down. I couldn’t open the package fast enough. He was still crying as I opened the box, but soon he noticed one of his most favorite people and was smiling immediately. “INA!” he screamed as I lifted the book from the box…he was thrilled.

I still had no idea who in the world could have possibly given Tommy literally the most perfect gift on the planet. As he scrolled through each page studying the different beautiful photographs of food, I read the enclosed letter and was shocked to learn this most precious gift was from a close friend of my aunt. A woman who had read my words, felt my pain, and despite having never met face-to-face, continues to pray for me and my family miles and miles away.

She had taken the time to read Tommy’s story and knew how much he loved Ina and well, the rest is history. Shelia and I spoke for the first time this evening and I discovered she had experienced her own storm about seven years ago and her faith and the faith of those around her had pulled her through a very difficult time in her life. We talked and it felt as though I was speaking with someone who knew exactly where I am in this moment. Without saying anything I knew she knew my struggles and my pain. Her simple act of kindness has blessed me beyond measure today and, for that, I am eternally grateful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Shelia.

“If you’re in a difficult place right now, perhaps you need to entrust the problem to the Lord and leave it in His hands awhile. He alone can storm the impregnable, devise the improbable and perform the impossible. He alone can part the waters.”                                        

~ Robert J. Morgan



One thought on “Blessed

  1. We are all blessed by your sincere words, Christin! What a joy to receive this gift at such a perfect time! Praying for another day for you to have the strength! Hugs to Tommy, Claire and Marijane! And, your pictures of the beautiful bride are stunning and should be in a magazine!! Gorgeous!

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