11 Months

IMG_8152_1 copyWe absolutely can’t believe almost one year has passed since you blessed our beautiful little family. You are simply the most relaxed, happy, giggly, and busy little baby on the block. Your are able to pull up and stand on your own now and any minute we feel like you will be ready to take off. You have only four teeth but your working so hard on the others. I imagine you are around 22 lbs…solid muscle. A tank with a girlish figure is more like it. You have a head full of beautiful blondish reddish hair (if the light hits it just right), and little curls are popping up just around your ears and on the back of your head. You experienced your first bite of dog food this week after I turned my head for a literal second…I’m guessing you enjoyed it because you continue to dash for the dog food the minute it appears in their bowl. You still adore your brother and oh how he makes you laugh. It’s the most precious sound and it melts me. I thank God for you darling girl. We love watching you bloom.


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