Back in January (sorry for the late post) we certainly had a BIG reason to celebrate.  My dear grandmother has been blessed with 90 amazing years of life.  She is truly a warrior.  It was a milestone in our family to have everyone in San Antonio down to some of the great grandchildren to celebrate our precious Grandma.  Christin and Grandma_WM

My aunt Janice was kind enough to prepare the following stats to give us a little background on our “little” family tree.  We begin with Grandma’s six children and their six spouses.

Grandma With Kids 3_WM

There are 17 grandchildren (12 pictured below), 14 of whom are married with a total of 19 children (great grandchildren).


Cousins Friday Night 3_WM

Dea and Michael 3_WM

Cousins Friday Night 2_WM

Cousins Friday Lunch_WM

Everyone came together all because two people fell in love. Our beloved Grandma has instilled so much in each and every one of us; but of all life’s lessons, love and understanding have been the greatest gifts of all.  As my aunt Janice said, “We all may not have acted like it at one time or another, but through these core beliefs we have all made it in life.  This is a true testament to you Grandma.”

3 thoughts on “Ninety

  1. Christin, this is so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing/writing this….great pics of everyone.

    I should’ve kept my dress jacket on & not lovin’ my hair that day, but it’s great anyways to have a photo to document the day! 🙂

  2. and I also want to agree……Mom has taught us so many beautiful lessons. Like the song says and it’s so true of Mom, “….speaking words of wisdom…..” She’s a beautiful lady inside and out….we’ve truly been blessed with an amazing matriarch that is a true testament to faith, inner strength,independence & teaching us how to all be the best parents we can be.

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