Belated Boo

Construction is Tommy’s latest obsession.  A quick jaunt down the road and we have the best entertainment this toddler could ask for.  He knows ever single machine by name and if you say it incorrectly he will correct you, don’t worry.  He has a special place in his heart for cranes and excavators but will be just as content to see a bulldozer any day of the week.  So we couldn’t have wished for a better costume for our little T.  It was a gift from my aunt Janice and let me tell you…it’s the give that keeps on giving.

We did our trick-or-treating this year with the same crew from last year and a few precious new faces (see adorable fireman next to Tommy and precious Mickey far right).  Tommy enjoyed a few more men to chat with as we walked. No offense ladies.

Try to explain this situation to a two year old.

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween…let the holiday countdown begin!

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