One Fine Day

Literally…we had ONE fine day on our recent beach trip.After a week of what I thought was the arrival of the terrible two’s, we instead welcomed all four of our 2nd molars – YAY! (Insert sarcasm here)We arrived late Friday afternoon with a screaming toddler and thought…this too shall pass.  Tomorrow (we thought) will begin our days of fun in the sun.  These four pictures are all I have to prove A) a moment when Tommy was not crying in pain; and B) a moment when we were actually AT the beach.  Although he’s not crying, he certainly wanted nothing to do with me that day. The sand was much more intriguing!So Saturday was amazing.  Beautiful weather (check), happy Tommy at the beach (check), five more days of vacation (check).Enter Sunday…mama wakes up sick as a dog (check), Tommy still in pain (check), dada at the end of his rope (check). We drove home shortly after lunch time.

No need for pity.  Lesson learned: sometimes all you need is one fine day at the beach but, then again, home is just fine too.  I’m just counting down the days until Bora Bora…in my wildest dreams.

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