I will never forget the one thing everyone said to me and your dada before you were born, “Time flies so enjoy every second!” Unfortunately, they were right.

In my mind, about 24 hours have passed, but in reality two years have come and gone.

Your second year on this earth has been jam packed full of milestones that we will forever treasure. You have learned to walk, talk, and even throw a little tantrum from time to time.

I never could have imagined the emotion that would overcome me as I started to gather all of the photos for this post. When you turned one I was so desperate to hold on to all of those precious moments of the first year of your life; but in fact, the second, was even more amazing than the first.

As a new parent you fall madly, deeply in love with your child.  But just when you think your heart cannot grow any bigger those first little words arrive.

You LOVE to talk Tommy, and you especially love it when mama and dad listen intently to what you are saying, and proceed to repeat it back to you just as you said it.

You have looked into our eyes and said, “I love you mama, I love you dada,” and then proceeded to watch us melt.

We learned very quickly that Tommy + Santa = FAIL

We’ve learned that you are just like mama in that you have endless turbo speed in the morning and after nap. Early to bed, early to rise is our mantra and it fits you like a glove.  You are still addicted to your passy and mama and dada somehow keep missing our scheduled appointment with each other to rid you of this little gem.

You’ve learned to ask a lot of questions, which we love. You are inquisitive and (as of today) you always ask, “What’s this noise?” whenever you hear the slightest sound. These little discoveries are part of your growth and we are soaking it all in.

We’ve learned that a haircut is definitely more traumatic for mama.  In an instant you grew up.  You officially became my little man and it was brutal.  But you sure did look handsome!

We’ve learned that some of the best moments are spent just looking and observing the world with you.  You help us to see the little things in life that are so beautiful, if you are patient enough to listen and look for them.

Your favorite place on earth is the ZOO and your favorite animals include (but are not limited to) the okapi, hippopotamus, elephants, monkeys, and snakes.

Julia is still your best friend in the world and just a simple word or gesture out of your mouth can send her rolling with laughter.  You all have so much fun together and I can only pray that you two will share this love affair for just a minute longer.

Swimming is your middle name and getting out of the water is NOT a fun game.

When we say our prayers at night we thank God for choosing us to guide and mold you into the person you will become.  You are our world, Tommy Gish, and we can wait to see what the next year will bring.  Happy 2nd birthday sweetheart.

We Love You,

Mama & Dada

Two Year Stats

Weight: 29lb 3oz (70%)

Height: 35.8in (90%)

Head: 19.5in (75%)

4 thoughts on “Two

  1. What a gift that I have seen the beautiful life of Tommy and his wonderful parents. Thank you so much for letting us celebrate his life.

  2. Can’t believe that YBGAN forgets to check out this beautiful blog. These are some of the sweetest reflections and love letters to that precious Tommy I have ever read. Had such fun looking at the gorgeous pictures and reading. I know that second baby will probably not have such an elaborate memoir – but DO keep this up!
    AND……………..not starting any rumors!!!!! I know nothing of any second baby – just guessing someday there may be one! Love you all, Aunt Nancy

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