The Lake

I write to you with tired eyes after a long weekend of exhausting relaxation. It was full of fun with family and old friends, but even the weekends filled with doing nothing at all can just plain wear you out! But please don’t feel sorry for me…this was my view on Saturday.

We were all about the lake(s) this weekend.  We headed to LBJ on Saturday and enjoyed a beautiful Saturday with family. Despite my face, I really enjoyed my boat ride!

This afternoon we headed back up to the Canyon Lake area to see one of Rob’s old Baylor friends, and boy were we in for a TREAT!  Welcome to Jellystone!

Where else on earth can you wave to Yogi Bear and jump on a blob at the same time?

Typical male…

Water balloon sling-shots anyone?

Seriously, this place was more fun than we would have ever imagined! We swam our little hearts out.

I hope your weekend was full of fun.  Here’s to a wonderful week ahead.

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