Hair Today…..Gone

Before you judge, just know that it was getting long…like girly long.  Knots were forming and I really had no choice, right?

I’ve heard, “it’s just hair, it will grow back” one too many times.  I know deep down that it will, but oh how I yearn for my curls.  Before I knew it, Tommy, I heard one SNIP and GASP…it was too late.

You look as handsome as ever for a 12 year-old, but I want my 2 year-old back.

I think you like it…just another day in the Gish home. I am quietly stepping down from my soap box now.  That is all.


One thought on “Hair Today…..Gone

  1. omg he is sooo stinkin’ cute!!! adore that precious baby boy….I remember too when all my kids had that first haircut…. Billy and Jackie both had those curls…i hated to see those precious wispy curls go bye-bye…

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