Save As

Have you ever turned around to look at your child and thought, who are you and where is my baby?  I’m pretty sure I gave birth to you yesterday so if you could please stop growing that would be great.  Seriously, Tommy how old are you, like 9?

At least you can’t even see over the steering wheel yet.

Today I was a bit shaken when I turned on my mac to find a less than cooperative machine that mimicked that of ticking time bomb just waiting to blow.  Nothing was working, everything was super slow; and I just KNEW my photos were about to disappear before my eyes. Tommy was asleep. I couldn’t race like a maniac over to the Apple store.  Every second, every memory…..gone…..(dramatic pause)…..or so I thought.

I called my mom in horror and panic.  After patiently listening to me rant for a bit, she calmly stated, “You should just unplug it and let him rest for a while…I’m sure he’s tired.” I thought, yea, that’s true…poor little expensive computer…take a break…you’ve been working so hard…you know what, take two weeks, you deserve it!?!?

Are you feeling sorry for me yet?  My point is this, save people!  Save As and Save Often!  Oh and while your at it, get an external hard drive for backup.

These precious memories are priceless.

Ring Around the Rosie anyone?

Ok, this is probably one of my all time favorites of Tommy & Julia.  I’ll put this one in my “High School Humiliation” file.  It’s as if you were in full conversation and I just happened to be standing in front of you.  I hope you two will continue to treasure each other for years to come. At least until girls rule and boys drool, or Tommy gets cooties.

P.S. Turns out my computer was “tired” and after a 3 hour “rest” he managed to bounce back.  I’ve got a hot date with the Apple store to figure out why I might have possibly purchased the iDon’tWantToWorkMac…Is there an app for that?

The weekend is finally here!  Run!  Go and enjoy yourself!


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