My darling man, I’ve neglected time.  I’ve neglected to notice how time is flashing at light speed right before my eyes.  Time with you, my love, is priceless.  I yearn for it.  It is the reason I exist.  I wake up every day, ready to be present for you.

Always remember that whenever I am away from you, I am never present wherever I am.  I am thinking and dreaming about you.

I neglected to notice to perfect little mullet that was forming on that little head; and as much as I love our “business in the front, party in the back” mentality…dada and I finally made the cut…and then we shed a tear.

I’ve neglected to spend more time with our sweet pups…and yet they continue to love.

I hope wherever you are in your life, you remember to never neglect a single minute, not one.  When you live to work, you neglect to really live.

Work hard to live and you’ll find, it’s not hard at all.  I love you Tommy.



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