Hand, Foot & Mouth Misery

WARNING: What you are about to see is less than glamorous but apparently, really common…….ummm where the hell have I been?

So I’m guessing this is one of those viruses that all the moms collectively decide to conveniently NOT share with their “future mom” friends?  While I appreciate you (moms) sparing me the beautiful details, I would have loved to have had just a second to…well…I don’t know…PREPARE MYSELF!

New moms…meet my our new friend the Hand, Foot & Mouth virus.

The idiot who dubbed this incredibly unique and intellectual name forgot to mention the other 30 body parts that will be consumed in red, blistery, bumpy, miserable little spots.  It started a week ago yesterday, on a Monday.  We had a slight fever Monday that grew into a bigger fever on Tuesday.  Wednesday morning Rob and I left for work; and while we knew Tommy was not feeling well, we certainly had no idea what was upon us.

On Wednesday afternoon Rob came home for a late lunch and took Tommy to the doctor right away.  He had a 102+ fever and the bumps had arrived!  They grew and became more and more uncomfortable as the days went on.  It’s now Tuesday and Tommy’s bumps have yet to fade completely; but overall I think team Gish is winning.  This virus is downright rough on all parties!  Want a sleeping baby? Fugetaboutit!!!  I do not wish this on anyone.

So that about sums up our past 8 days; but other than that we’re great, 🙂 with a hint of sarcasm!  Hope your doing well!


3 thoughts on “Hand, Foot & Mouth Misery

  1. Hey there! I saw your post on FB about your blog post. Love your blog, by the way! Field had HFM last summer and it was AWFUL! It took WEEKS for the bumps to go away and even when he felt great, I couldn’t take him anywhere because he just looked terrible. So sorry you are having to deal with it too. Hang in there!

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