You might grow up to be a redneck…

If your idea of Friday fun includes a two hour trip to the Bass Pro Shops Winter Wonderland…you might grow up to be a redneck.

If you are more interested in the interactive NASCAR game complete with coordinating gear, than you are in Santa…you might grow up to be a redneck.

If your idea of a ride in Santa’s sleigh includes the Arctic Cat ATV and your favorite limited edition, Jeff Gordan hat…you might grow up to be a redneck.

All jokes aside, we had more fun at Bass Pro Shops with the kids than I could have ever imagined!  They have a fabulous FREE Winter Wonderland complete with Santa (which we avoided like the plague) and a carousel.  If you forgot where you were for just a moment, you were quickly reminded as you hopped aboard. This was no ordinary carousel…instead of choosing a horse you had the unique option to ride on a bear, moose, or deer.  My niece Julia couldn’t be more of a little lady so to see her intense attraction to the world of NASCAR clearly provided us with hours of entertainment.

Tommy, on the other hand, couldn’t have been less interested in the NASCAR game.

I think he preferred a little face time with the locals.

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