Dear Tommy:

It’s December 2011 and you are 18 months old my darling little man. You’ve made some big strides since our last check up!

You weigh 26 lbs. (60%), your head is 19.5 in (85%), and you are 33 3/4 in tall (85%).  Your favorite foods include pancakes, grapes, blueberry waffles, pancakes, oranges, blueberry waffles, grapes, and did I mention pancakes?  That about sums up your eating…yea, it freaks your mom and dad out but Dr. C says you’re A-OK my love.  Being that you are the son of Rob and Christin we can’t quite figure out why you don’t necessarily love food, but we can’t WAIT for the day when you wake up and literally will not stop eating…we are standing by.

You absolutely adore you cousin J and love saying, “Hi!” to her every morning on the phone.  Your words are abundant and deliberate.  Today in the doctor’s office you turned to the wallpaper full of animals and very distinctly pointed to the hippo and said, “Hippo!”  Really?

You’ll make your debut appearance on Mad Men in the months ahead.

We adore you, we sit and stare at you, we laugh at you, we tickle you, we laugh with you, we hold you, we snuggle with you, and we love you.  Here’s to 18 amazing months Mr. T!

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