There’s nothing like the crisp, chill of a fall morning. Everyone and everything is happy.

Saturday morning was chilly.  I mean fleece and hat chilly.  But by the time the late afternoon rolled around it was dreamy outside.  T-shirt, shorts, cool air perfection.

I imagined this weekend was going to be calm, relaxing and full of a whole lotta nothin, but boy was I wrong.

We finally went to the Pumpkin Patch for some quality photos…behold the chaos.

The poor souls that happened to show up when we arrived heard nothing by four crazy parents screaming…TOMMY….JULIA….TOMMY LOOK OVER HERE….JULIA!!! These pics sum of the experience perfectly.  One looks at the camera, the other does not.

And repeat.

It was nuts and I totally took for granted to the peaceful moments last year when you simply place the baby between a bunch of pumpkins, take a zillion pictures and bam!  A perfect pumpkin patch picture.

Little man is yearning to farm.

P.S. The seasons are changing…check out the leaves on my pecan tree…it’s fall y’all.

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