Sick Tommy + Sick Mommy = Great Week!

Do you sense my sarcasm?  Yea, it was a great week, let me tell ya.  I love it when all the stars align and you have this amazing weekend and then Sunday night hits and a lovely substance is running from your baby’s nose.  Monday comes and your nanny reminds you that this happens to be the week when she leaves a day early. Oh, and then, SURPRISE, you get sick on Tuesday! It was a great week. 🙂

Last weekend was so fabulous and full of fun so it’s sad that it ended up being a bummer week; but I managed to capture some happy Tommy times from the weekend to share with you.  Last Friday we went for a quick play date with cousin Julia and sweet Savannah.

Oh Savannah, you are so beautiful! Tommy has a crush on you for sure.

Saturday morning my parents, my sister, Emily, and I traveled to the Pearl Brewery for the fabulous Garage of Goods and Farmer’s Market!  I was so excited to find one of my favorite stores that I had discovered for the first time at the last Garage of Goods.  If you have a baby then you will love Baby Besos.  The owner, Victoria, is so sweet and has such a fun eye for eclectic finds for your little bambino.  She has toys, books, shoes, beautiful cozy blankets, guayaberas (which I totally recommend and LOVE on little baby boys), and much much more!  I am especially a fan of her winter items.  She hand-knits beautiful winter hats and sweaters and Tommy wore his literally every day last year during our little cold season we call winter.  It looked so cute and it really kept his head warm!  Will keep you posted when those items are available – so worth it!

We didn’t take the kids and didn’t regret it for a second because it was so darn hot!  Thank goodness for the “BIG ASS FAN” that’s actually the name, and I LOVE these.  If you haven’t seen one it really is just a BIG ASS FAN…actually they are gynormous! Click here for their website.

Saturday night we had a delicious dinner at a friend’s house.  They made short ribs with mashed potatoes and salad; but the best part is – it’s a crock pot meal! Hooray!  I’ll post the recipe soon, it’s to die for.

Tommy is getting much better, and I’m right behind him. I guess the next thing we get to look forward to is sick daddy…can’t wait!

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